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Tooba Imran - born in Pakistan and raised in the US - is an actress based in Los Angeles. Tooba's love for acting was born on the stage of her 2nd grade play "George and the Giant Peach". What was then a dream became her passion as she enrolled in the Terry Knickerbocker acting studio (NY) and graduated from their 2-year Meisner conservatory program in 2021. She currently keeps up her training through recurring scene study classes at The Berg Studio in LA, CA. When not acting or watching good TV/film/theater - you will find Tooba at the beach with her two sweet cats - Al and Jammy!

Tooba's purpose is not only to fulfill her love of acting but also to increase Muslim representation on screen and utilize the power of story telling to change the negative portrayals of Muslim Americans on media.

Real representation will be here when Muslim characters and stories can be more than just overtly good or bad. It will be complex and messy and unpredictable, and for that we need more Muslim writers and creatives, and certainly more women who have greater creative autonomy.

"We all know the power of film; we all know there's almost nothing more powerful than to see people on film that look and talk like you, like we do." Mira Nair



Tooba's Representation:
Chamber 37 Entertainment


Manager: Javier Salgado c. 310-497-0451

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